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our technology

We offer technology to provide you with the best dental care possible. We use low radiation digital x-rays, laser-assisted cavity detection, intraoral cameras, laser gum infection treatment and ultrasonic cleanings.

  • low radiation digital x-rays

    We always have your safety in mind! Digital x-rays offer up to 90% less radiation then traditional film x-rays.

  • laser-assisted cavity detection

    We use a laser-assisted camera that helps us detect cavities when they are smaller so less tooth is destroyed and more healthier tooth remains.

  • intraoral camera

    Seeing is believing! We want you to see what we see so you can understand any concerns that may be present.

  • laser gum infection treatment

    Gum disease needs more than just a cleaning to stop it’s progression. With the help of a non-invasive laser, we can tackle gum disease and help stop it’s destruction.

  • ultrasonic cleanings

    Healthy gums for a healthy body! Ultrasonic cleanings are a gentle way to remove all the bacteria around the teeth to help maintain a healthy mouth and a healthy body.

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